young asian woman using her phone to seek a digital mental health solution

4 Mental Health Platforms on the Rise in 2023

Feb 08, 2023

Despite targeted ads, recommendations from friends, and research binges, it can be hard to pin […]

eye from the third eye logo above an abstract psychedelic image in military colors to signify veterans day

How Psychedelics—real and simulated—Can Help Veterans with PTSD

Nov 10, 2022

Whether it’s a shaman-led ayahuasca retreat or a virtual reality immersive experience, psychedelics are shifting […]

4 diverse women and one man meditating in the third eye agency lobby

What Wellness Means To Consumers in 2022

Sep 15, 2022

20 years ago, the concept of going to an ayahuasca retreat to help addiction would […]


Minority Mental Health: Get To Know The Facts

Aug 08, 2022

We’ve heard time and again that there’s a healthcare disparity amongst minorities in the U.S., […]

young gen z black woman during a telehealth appointments looking at her screen

Does Gen Z Go To The Doctor?

Jul 14, 2022

Many of us assume that Gen Z rarely go to the doctor, but is there anything to that myth? Or is it simply an exaggeration? With over $140 billion in buying power, Gen Z’s healthcare behaviors are worth looking into.

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