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Digital Analyst

The Digital Analyst uses data sources and tools (such as Google Analytics, dashboards, etc.) to understand user behavior and the efficiency of digital marketing activities. You will be responsible for reviewing and analyzing data to simplify and identify overall campaign performance highlights.
Essentials And Responsibilities
  • The ability to translate complex data into easy-to-understand information
  • A fundamental understanding of digital marketing tools and technologies
  • Ability to communicate across various levels of the organization
  • Ability to develop, audit, and test campaigns in ways that optimize key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Gather, analyze, and interpret data
  • Find patterns and trends in the analyzed data
  • Help the management and other teams draw business goals and needs
  • Establish new data gathering and analysis techniques within the organization
  • Collect and analyze customer, marketing, and web behavioral data
  • Test campaigns, analyzing key metrics, and identifying opportunities to increase campaign performance
  • Develop and present learnings from your analyses, including actionable insights and recommendations
  • Develop digital campaigns and web-measurement strategies
  • Create dashboards, data visualizations, and website performance reports
  • Monitor and analyze digital media and marketing trends
  • Communicate and present to teams, and clients
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