employees of THE 3RD EYE from different departments gathered sitting, including lead of Integrated Production Michelle Leon. Each has their laptop in front of them

Integrated Production 101

Published By: The 3rd Eye
Mar 06, 2023

Curious about Integrated Production in Advertising agencies? Here’s a quick overview from THE 3RD EYE’S lead of Integrated Production Michelle Leon.


Integration is the act of uniting different things.

Integration is cross-platform communication with a unified, consistent message and strategy.

Integrated Production merges the production of digital, broadcast, print, social, and experience.

Integrated Production works with Creative in a coordinated fashion across all departments and all platforms.

Integrated Production in advertising agencies combines services to produce better, more efficient results.  


Audiences these days consume content in multi-faceted, multi-channel platforms, technology, and touchpoints.

The create-once-and-use-often model is old; content can get stale very quickly.

THE 3RD EYE does not create on one platform, so having an Integrated Production department to manage content helps to coordinate large or small creative campaigns. 

Integrated Production helps coordinate content in a cost-effective and efficient way for clients.

What else?

Integrated marketing keeps costs lower. The client and agency reap so many rewards from aligning all marketing efforts. Many of the ideas, concepts and materials we develop can be adapted from one medium to another.

Developing more original content through effective use of one channel can boost the power and reach of others, allowing a quicker response to client requests and their audience.  

Say it with me: “SPEED TO MARKET.” That’s the power of integration.


Creative Problem Solvers

Manage the Production Phase of a campaign.

Look at all aspects and be your point person who knows “what it takes to get the job produced.”

Time Travelers

Collaborate with project teams across departments, a range of channels and formats (digital, broadcast, social), and across multiple accounts to deliver several projects concurrently 一 from the initial brief through the final wrap.

Budget Police

$ Project scoping and estimating $

Producers have the critical thinking experience needed to work across different disciplines and can also be an expert with a deep understanding of one or more unique disciplines. 

Having a key team of producers allows you to not only handle a large diversity of work, but they can also collaborate and work off each other’s strengths to produce the best work possible.

THE 3RD EYE’s Integrated Production team, led by Michelle Leon, collaborates with each and every department in the agency. With production on everyone’s periphery, we don’t miss a step.

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