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Copywriters on Writing Dialogue that Connects

Jun 01, 2023

In Little Black Book’s recent article Copywriters on Writing Dialogue that Connects, our Copy lead Steph provides some valuable insight.

Stephanie Granado

Associate director, copy and storytelling at THE 3RD EYE

Good dialogue and good copy share the same components. It stems from really understanding both your brand and your audience. As a creative, it is vital to help clients understand the differences between what the brand’s objective is and how consumers actually speak. That, and really being in tune and doing social listening to what those audiences are talking about and the way that they’re speaking.

It all comes down to knowing your audience and bringing that human element into the writing. Brands are like people, and their language changes depending on their audience. For instance, I’m not going to talk to my grandma the same way that I talk to my boss, and I’m not going to talk to my best friend the same way that I talk to my mom. Therefore, brands need to keep many audiences in mind when they’re developing dialogue. The best way to learn that and discover it is to dive into those groups and see how they communicate and speak.

From a digital realm perspective, social media, blogs and forums are effective listening channels to explore how people communicate with each other. Through these channels, marketing and communication experts can gain a deeper understanding of the dialogue and exchanges surrounding the brand. Part of the copywriter’s job is to understand these language nuances along with the technical elements of the brand, in order to break them down and communicate in a manner that is engaging, social, and relevant to the audience you are trying to reach.

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